Thursday, December 01, 2005

#2: "I Chose to Ignore All the Warning Signs"

Ten storytellers reveal the bad choices they've made and how they lived to talk about it. This episode is a live recording of our monthly theme night show.... Beverly Mickins welcomes us to the show and Dan Farren is our Host. Performers in order of appearance: Dan Tirman, Frances Peach, Geoffrey Tozer, Julio Martinez, Debbie Hall, Paul Jacek, Susie Seeds, Shelby Lee Jenkins, Donna Allen Figueora and Lance Anderson....

1:17 / 36.2 MB / Rated: PG-13...

All stories are the copy written work of the individual author.


Blogger mark - tartanpodcast said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great stories. Thought Lance finished the night very strongly with an excellent story. Laugh out lout funny; "shall I get the duct tape?"

8:52 AM  

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